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Chris Rodning, the Paul and Debra Gibbons Professor in the Department of Anthropology, was a panelist in the plenary roundtable, "Representations of Race in the Renaissance," at the 2018 annual conference of the Renaissance Society of America, held in New Orleans in March, and he was a panelist in the symposium, "Indigenous Spaces, French Expectations: Exploring Exchanges Between Native and Non-Native Peoples in Louisiana," organized by Laura Kelley and Rebecca Snedeker and hosted by the New Orleans Center for the Gulf South in March.

Matt Sakakeeny, Newcomb Department of Music, and Rebecca Snedeker, New Orleans Center for the Gulf South, served on a panel entitled “Commemorating Life through Death: Evolving Attitudes in Funerary Culture” at the 60th Annual Meeting of the Louisiana Historical Association.

Gaisman Chair, Department of Philosophy, was the invited speaker for an annual public lecture in March at Assumption College, where she spoke on “The Fall from our Ancient Nature: Plato’s Aristophanic Speech on Eros and the Biblical Story of Adam and Eve.” She presented another version of the talk at the Harvard Political Theory Colloquium.Additionally, Frazier is curating and directing a cutting-edge performance soundscape with Les cenelles, a collaborative of eight-local musicians and performance artists.Les cenelles will perform an hour-long set of experimental covers and original work at L’union creole, a free music series sponsored by Preservation Hall, Neighborhood Story Project, and Music Rising at Tulane, a program of the New Orleans Center for the Gulf South.Additionally, Snedeker and Rebecca Solnit, co-authors of (University of California Press, 2013), gave a noonday talk on Friday, March 23, co-hosted by the Newcomb College Institute and NOCGS.Snedeker also participated in a panel discussion entitled “Equity After 300 Years of Extraction” at the Fossil Free Festival on Friday, April 6, and on April 12 she serve on a Tricentennial panel that reflected on New Orleans’ arts and culture and imagined the city’s next 300 years. Additionally, Frazier is participating on a panel discussion entitled “Women as Peace Policy Makers,” Saturday, April 28 from pm-pm, Loyola Marquette Theater.

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The first two were published in Philosophical Studies: a Précis of his book , and then a lengthy reply to three critical essays on the book (called “Reply to Gary Watson, Michael Mc Kenna, and Matthew Talbert"). Defending Angry Blame,” in , edited by Myisha Cherry and Owen Flanagan, for Rowman and Littlefield Press.

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