Blackberry time zone not updating

Posted by / 04-Aug-2018 18:09

Blackberry time zone not updating

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I changed it back yesterday, and today , it displayed the time as and the date as the 24/08, although it is 22/08. Now I changed my settings to the same as a friend of mine - to Automatic update, 24 hour, Harare ( 2) for South Africa, prompt.

Which is the correct or preferred one and why does it change the last two days.

Learning how to configure your Black Berry Bold's clock could save you from missing meetings and teleconferences due to an incorrect time display.

By default, your Black Berry Bold will set its time in accordance with your wireless carrier’s closest cell tower.

For what it's worth, my calender notes that was saved on yesterday and today, still went off correctly despite this.

If you set calendar appointments using the time zone, then the alert will activate at the appropriate time even if the time zone is somehow incorrect for your actual time zone location.

This is the second day in a row that my time and date is suddenly just wrong.

But I have no explanation for the alert activating at the appropriate time even when the date is incorrect. You say you had it set to manual first, and then changed it to automatic.

I assume you are talking there about the Update Time setting.

To prevent your Black Berry Bold from automatically updating the time based on tower location, open your Applications folder and select “Clock.” Press the “Menu” key and select “Set Time.” Click “Update Time” and change the setting from “Automatic” to “Manual,” then click “OK.” Once automatic updates are disabled, you may need to set the time manually to ensure it is correct going forward.

To do this, open the Applications folder and click “Clock.” Press the “Menu” key and choose “Set Time.” If the device is set to manual mode, click on the appropriate fields to change the time as desired. If you are a frequent traveler, you may prefer not to disable automatic updates entirely.

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