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Carbon dating calibration curve

Some of these gaged streamflow records for the Colorado River date back to the late 19th century, but most began during the 20th century.Although a time frame of over 100 years may appear to offer an extensive record of climate and streamflow variability, in fact it represents a relatively short period in terms of geologic history of the region.This field of study draws upon indirect, or proxy, information about past climate conditions obtained from evidence contained in glacial ice, landscape features, sediment deposits in ancient lakes, pollen, species distributions, preserved organisms (e.g., mollusks), and middens.The science of , or the study of the sequences of annual growth layers (rings) of coniferous trees, is particularly relevant in the Colorado River basin.

Warm season precipitation plays a different role in the basin’s hydrology.

As a result, many water managers today are exploring ways of adjusting water planning and management strategies.

The study of climates that occurred before direct measurements of weather and climate data——can serve as part of the hydroclimatic information considered in water management decisions.

These new dendrochronological reconstructions have stimulated heightened interest in questions regarding the rarity and recurrence of drought conditions across the region.

This chapter discusses fundamental features and dynamics of Colorado River basin climate (including climate trends and future climate scenarios), the gaged record of Colorado River streamflow, and tree-ring studies of past Colorado River region streamflow.

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This annual phenomenon brings drama to the southwestern desert skies, but only occasionally does it provide enough precipitation to contribute appreciably to hydrologic supplies.