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After taking over ownership in 2004, Sir David Barclay suggested that The Daily Telegraph might in the future no longer be the "house newspaper" of the Conservative Party.In an interview with The Guardian he said, "Where the government are right we will support them." The editorial board continued to endorse the Conservatives in the 2005 general election.Now rebranded to uk the website was the UK's first national online newspaper.The online version has won several awards, including 'Most Innovative Technology of the Year' in the 2004 Newspaper Awards commended.

Until January 2004 the newspaper group was controlled by Canadian businessman, Conrad Black.

from Black, giving them the controlling interest in the newspaper group.

They then launched a takeover bid for the rest of the group, valuing the company at £200 million.

The Telegraph is traditionally seen as being on the right of the political spectrum.

The combination of personal links between the paper's editorial team and the leadership of the Conservative Party, along with the paper's influence over Conservative activists, has resulted in the paper often being jokingly referred to as the Torygraph.

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In 1937, the newspaper absorbed The Morning Post, which had traditionally espoused a Conservative position and sold predominantly amongst the retired officer class.