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One Ray Lewis’ girlfriend who has stood the test of time is Tatyana Mc Call, the mother to three of his children.

Ray Lewis’ girlfriends and wives have often been the same thing: the game of football, and the Baltimore Ravens.They've stepped out together on a number of occasions over the years, as well.Walker holds extremely conservative political views and once famously proclaimed that he didn't vote for Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election and wouldn't be voting for him in the 2012 election, either. According to famed television producer, Norman Lear, the answer is yes!During a recent interview "black-ish" creator Kanya Barris on behalf of Entertainment Weekly, Lear dropped the unexpected bombshell.

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Ray himself says that the time off will allow him to be more of a father to his children, especially to help the elder two sons with their budding football careers.

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