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Dating antique silver

As picture framing evolved, new techniques for embellishing and creating frames developed.An example of this was the introduction of heavy molded plaster gilded frames during the Victorian era.

I do this not for profit, but to help others who want to know more about old family silver and pewter, and those looking for better information on silver when preparing to sell on sites like Ebay and Ruby Lane, etc. When I started this site, the only real information about Stieff silver was in books.However, the material is not the only factor in dating gilded frames.Finer versions of gilded frames appear in Europe much earlier.The Stieff family has been very generous in suppling information, personal family photos, documents and time.I am not related to the Stieff’s, nor was I ever a part of the company. The ads on the right hand side of this page are selected by google and are not chosen and are not an endorsement by me. COM is not free, and the revenue from the google ads helps defray the cost of producing it. Your questions and comments are welcome at [email protected] know...

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Estimate the period look of your frame to establish a general date.

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