Dating games people play wiki

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Dating games people play wiki

The elven calendar, established with the formation of Arlathan, was banned by the Imperium.Although its existence is recognized by modern scholars outside of Tevinter, knowledge of how elves marked the passage of time beyond a few events is now forgotten.After generations of slavery, the elven slaves, under Shartan's leadership, were among the most fervent supporters of the prophetess Andraste's uprising against the Tevinter Imperium.Shartan and the elves fought alongside Andraste in her quest to depose the Tevinter magisters in 1020 TE, and they were rewarded for their loyalty by being granted land in the Dales upon Andraste's victory.After the fall of their great city of Arlathan and the empire of Elvhenan, plunder by the Tevinter Imperium and the subsequent generations of slavery, the elves lost most of their cultural heritage and identity.They attempted to rebuild their society in the Dales, but after three centuries they fell to the Chantry's Exalted Marches.The elves of Thedas live no longer than humans, but elven legends state that this was not always the case.

Many perished on the way, some even returned to Tevinter, but most continued the walk.

suggest Elvhenan was looted or that some elves joined the Imperium bringing artifacts with them.

The elves, however, believe Arlathan lost to the Imperium because their gods couldn't intervene, since they were sealed away by the seemingly treacherous Fen'Harel.

A humanoid race, elves are typically shorter than humans (though this has been mitigated slightly since Dragon Age: Origins) and have a slender, lithe build, larger eyes, and pointed ears.

Long ago, the elves were the dominant race on Thedas, and their advanced civilization was based on nature, the Fade and magic.

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They manifested into the material world and built their civilization on the earth.

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