Dating your vox ac30

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Dating your vox ac30

That figure might be a slight exaggeration, but Metheny was dedicated (he says obsessed) enough to impress Dr.Bill Lee, dean of the University of Miami’s music school, to offer him a full ride after hearing him play in a Kansas City club.Ideas and the fundamentals of music – time and harmony and melody – transcend any particular instrument.

But far from resting on his laurels, and hefty record sales, he hasn’t shied away from taking chances – the most obvious being 1994’s Zero Tolerance For Silence, the melodic master’s about-face into an all-guitar orgy of improvised dissonance recorded in one day. The 2012 CD and film were Metheny’s modernized version of the coin-operated, human-less music machines of yesteryear.

“If you look at the very long list of people I’ve had associations with, it’s also a list of my favorite musicians,” he smiles.

“Not only have I gotten to play with them a lot, we’re all very close.

“It’s a way to have a very powerful sound that’s not a distorted sound,” said Metheny. You’ve referred to the guitar as a “tool.” I’m a proud guitar player, and I know stuff about the instrument.

But it’s always been a translation device to get ideas out.

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“But the objective, like you see in sports, where somebody’s going to hit eight three-pointers in a row, that thing is for real. Just a magical combination of people, and it was pretty exciting knowing that we were going to get to that.” On the surface, someone who plays 160 concerts nearly nonstop, each typically around three hours, not counting his two-hour warm-up regimen, would seem like a driven workaholic.