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If you know neither what the figure is nor what its tag is then you're lost. But once again, you'd have to know the figure name beforehand.

Or you could use an external mechanism to share the figure handle.

Results_table,' Column Name',) its storing any data in the same address that is handles. 約1年 前 | 0 In GUI, is there a function where I can initialize variables using handles that I can then pass on to all Create Fcn items? handles empty - handles not created until after all Create Fcns called So ...

At a guess the findall line makes the figure you expect the current figure, although I couldn't say for sure.

You should use explicit handles for figures, axes, plots and anything else you want to refer to again to avoid unexpected bugs popping up. So the GUI has a specific name (which is linked to the name of the function file where it is defined, in this case Event_listener_GUI) but using guidata(mfilename) causes it to fail.

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A tag can be anything you want and used for anything you want, but in this case its purpose is to make it easy for any any code to identify which figure is the UI figure.

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