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Heightism in dating

In the 19th century, baldness for men meant wearing a wig if they were to have any kind of public or professional life.The 20th century’s youth-obsessed culture viewed baldness as old age incarnate, and fueled a billion dollar hair care and restoration industry.This preference also plays itself out in African American social dynamics, and whites are almost totally ignorant of it.Bear with me here – remember my note at the beginning of this list (seems ages ago, doesn’t it? Here goes: There exists today a perceived social preference for lighter skin in the African American community, complete with bidirectional stereotypes and its own specialized lexicon.I’m not above these things – I’m just not doing it now. Ovid in AD 1 said “Ugly are hornless bulls, a field without grass is an eyesore/So is a tree without leaves, so is a head without hair”.

For example, when seniors are unsure of something, we suspect they are feeble or senile.

Actors Burt Reynolds and Sean Connery obsessed over their hairpieces, and Larry Hagman rotated several toupees each month to simulate normal hair growth.

Premature baldness in teen boys and hair loss for women were taken as social catastrophes, and cause for profound depression.

Bald men also confess that dating from the 1960s-1980s was particularly brutal. In the late nineties, white men copied African American style (imagine that) and began shaving their heads.

It took some time, but now there are plenty of bald film stars like Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, and Patrick Stewart, not to mention sports icons Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neill.

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