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Illustration dating duct tape mpg

After more than 8 hours behind the wheel with no air conditioning, I managed 68.5 mpg, tied for second.

Winner Aaron Gold's 74.1 mpg stomped both me and co-competitor Joni Gray.

“We were going for a ‘confident’ feel.”Ford began work on the facelift by the time the 2015 Mustang went on sale in late 2014.

Going a little faster adds more rpm, but the engine load is more balanced with the drag.

City, highway and combined fuel economy each rise by 1 mpg, to 16/25/19.

The Mustang GT manual, still with six speeds, is unchanged at 15/25/18 mpg city/highway/combined.

The sweet spot for the Mirage seems to be closer to 50 mph.

Hard acceleration kills fuel economy, so getting the best results means adding speed as gently as possible.

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This lowers the engine speed, ostensibly cutting back on fuel consumption, but I didn't see much of a gain on the trip computer.

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