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Evan Engstrom, executive director of Engine, said he expected this response given the ambiguity of the bill, especially for websites “that have large user bases commenting on a range of topics.”“This isn’t at all a publicity thing.This is just a reality of how you have to do business when there’s potential criminal liability for content that you may not necessarily see,” says Engstrom.In an attempt to curb sex trafficking, the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) amends a bedrock law — Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act — that helped the internet flourish by shielding websites from liability for outside content.Reddit also shuttered sections of its website as part of a policy update that prohibited “paid services involving physical sexual contact,” but the company did not specifically call out FOSTA.Communities focused on such transactions and users who attempt to conduct them will be banned from the site.”Reddit declined to say whether its policy change was related to FOSTA, but the company signed a letter to members of Congress earlier this month protesting the bill.The letter was organized by Engine, a nonprofit representing tech startups, and was also signed by Automattic (the company that owns Wordpress), Patreon, Cloudflare, Twitter, Match Group (the company that owns Tinder, Ok Cupid, and, Pinterest, Wikimedia Foundation, Github, Medium, and Yelp.Liara Roux, a sex worker, political organizer, and adult-media producer and director, says a handful of other sites shut advertising forums, including The Erotic Review and City Vibe, hours after FOSTA passed.“[E]verything we've been warning people about for a year has been proven true within 24 hours, before it's even signed into law,” Roux said in an email to WIRED.

Roux says these recent closures come on the heels of other efforts by tech companies that began in 2017, to ban or shadow ban sex workers from their platforms.Reddit’s policy change appears to have affected the sections Escorts, Male Escorts, Hookers, and Sugar Daddy.Those moves, and others by less popular sites, appeared to validate the concerns of the bill’s opponents, who said the measure would prompt some site operators to ban or remove content to avoid running afoul of the new law.Michael is having an affair with Frank's wife Paige, but wants to end it. See full summary » THE CORPORATE LADDER is a Playboy Channel movie, filled with pseudo-erotica and some beautiful women.Anthony Denison (Crime Story) plays Matt, an up and coming advertising executive, on ...

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“They were pretty explicit that sex workers and the community was wrong, and within 48 hours, we have already started facing the collateral consequences that everyone knew was coming.

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