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Online dating amy keith 06903 wife

NOVEMBER 2013 2 ­­­­­­­­Annual­Meeting­& Photofest,­Details­to­Follow 4 ­­­­­­­­Close­for­ALL December­2013­Challenge business 8 Drivers’­Education,­Lime­Rock­Park,­CT­(Advanced) 9 Drivers’­Education,­Lime­Rock­Park,­CT­(Beginners­and­Instructors) * These are not CVR events but members may find them interesting, web addresses are provided for your convenience All dates and information on this Calendar are accurate at the time of printing.

Please remember to check the CVR Website for the most up-to-date information.

Have you recently purchased another Porsche that you would like to register on your PCA profile? Continue your participation in PCA events and keep your Challenge and Panorama subscriptions coming! PCA MEMBERSHIP RECRUITING Do you have a fellow Porsche enthusiast who doesn’t own a Porsche yet? Learn more about this at org/Membership/C H A L L E N G E NOT RECEIVING IMPORTANT CVR EMAILS?

Keep checking the CVR website for additional information as it becomes available.

Please mark your datebooks for November 2nd, and be sure to join us there this year.

Traditionally, one of the most popular meetings on the CVR calendar, this year New Country Porsche moves into our October meeting slot, the weather will be a bit cooler than usual but the cars are just as hot.

We are hoping New Country Porsche will have taken delivery of the new Panamera E Hybrid so we can see it in person and learn a bit about some of the new technology taken from the development of the 918.

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