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Orthodoxsermons real dating

It does not occur as frequently in the Old Testament as in the New. In the Messianic times, Isaiah tells us, the Spirit shall be poured out from on high with the effect that judgment shall dwell in the wilderness and righteousness shall abide in the peaceful field (Isa. It is He who shall gather the children of God into the kingdom, so that no one shall be missing (Isa. One thing only is left to complete the picture, the clear declaration that, in these coming days of blessing, the Spirit hitherto given only to Israel shall be poured out upon the whole world. and also upon the servants and upon the hand-maids in those days will I pour out my Spirit. Nor can it be a ground of wonder that this aspect of His work is less frequently dwelt upon than His theocratic activities; nor that it is chiefly in prophecies of the future that the richer references to it occur.28 This was the time of theocratic development; the old dispensation was a time of preparation for the fulness of spiritual graces. 11, 14, we have "the Spirit of the Gods" as the equivalent of "the Spirit of God" on the lips of heathen.

Now I'm not very sure about what to do, she is in the front of my eyes all the time simply because we are good friends and we are a part of a small group of youth in our church.She is also very nice to me (but only as a brother).What is upsetting me is that I cannot stop my feelings towards her and I feel that my feelings started to be like a line that is hanging me to it.On the other hand, in only some half of the thirty-nine Old Testament books is it clearly mentioned,4 while in as many as sixteen all definite allusion to it seems to be lacking.5 The principle which governs the use or disuse of it does not lie on the surface. But this assurance does not forestall the inquiry whether this personal Spirit was so fully revealed in the Old Testament that those who were dependent on that revelation alone, without the inspired commentary of the New, were able to know Him as He is known to us who enjoy the fuller light. To Hosea, "the man that hath the Spirit" was a synonym for "prophet" (ix. A very full insight into the nature of the Spirits work in prophetic inspiration is provided by the details which Ezekiel gives of the Spirits mode of dealing with him in communicating his visions. The aspect in which the theocratic Spirit seems to be conceived is as God in His people, manifesting Himself through inspired instruments in supernatural leading and teaching. The mountains of opposition are to be reduced to a plain; but not by armed force. Attention has already been called to the great enrichment which was brought to the general conception of God by this doctrine of the Spirit of God in its first aspect. Sometimes it may, perhaps, be partly due to the nature of the subject treated. We are assured that it was in Jesus upon whom the Holy Ghost had visibly descended, that Isaiahs predictions were fulfilled that Jehovah would put His Spirit upon his righteous servant (Isa. The principle of the progressive delivery of doctrine in the age-long process of Gods self-revelation, is not only a reasonable one in itself and one which is justified by the results of investigation, but it is one which is assumed in the Scriptures themselves as Gods method of revealing Himself, and which received the practical endorsement of our Saviour in His manner of communicating His saving truth to men. While the richness of the prophetic endowment is indicated to us by Micah (iii. They include the whole series of the prophets, and they represent them as the official mouthpieces of the Spirit of God, serving the people of God as His organs.20 It is sufficiently clear that an official character attaches to all the manifestations of what we have called the theocratic Spirit. Very illuminating as to the mode of His working are the instructions given to Zerubbabel through the prophets Zechariah and Haggai. "This is the word of the Lord unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, saith the Lord of Hosts" (Zech. The symbol of the source of strength is the seven lamps burning brightly by virtue of perennial supplies from the living olives growing by their side; thus, by a hidden, divine supply of deathless life, the Church of God lives and prospers in the world. But there is very clearly brought before us here the fact and the mode of Gods official inspiration. The additional aspects in which He is presented in the pages of the Old Testament of course still further enrich and elevate the conception.

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