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Planet earth dating

You've heard people on the news claiming that the next nuclear war or cutting down rainforests or persisting in releasing hideous quantities of pollution into the atmosphere threatens to end the world. So my first piece of advice to you, dear would-be Earth-destroyer, is: do NOT think this will be easy.This is not a guide for wusses whose aim is merely to wipe out humanity.The International Astronomical Union defines a planet as: These definitions instantly suggest some very simple ways of stripping the Earth of its planethood, such as hurling it into interstellar space, moving it into orbit around a gas giant, or moving it into a solar orbit whose neighbourhood is not cleared (the main asteroid belt being the most obvious choice). We are left, therefore, with the challenge of significantly altering the Earth's physical structure, or else reducing its mass such that it can maintain a shape which is not round.For example: blowing it up, turning it into a dust cloud, merging it with a larger body, et cetera.If you feel you lack the ability to make it in politics (knowledge of your weaknesses is a strength), you should join the armed forces and shoot for Supreme General or whatever the highest rank is.Nancy Lebovitz suggested religion as an alternate means of gaining resources, money and manpower. If you could set yourself up as a religious leader you could potentially gain a lot of supporters - who would be much more dedicated to you as a leader than a soldier would be to his general or a citizen to his King/President/Supreme Dictator-For-Life.Feasibility rating: this, naturally, is entirely subjective.

Earth's final resting place: potentially any form, anywhere.

Destroying the Earth is harder than you may have been led to believe.

You've seen the action movies where the bad guy threatens to destroy the Earth. It has taken more devastating asteroid hits in its lifetime than you've had hot dinners, and lo, it still orbits merrily.

If total human genocide your ultimate goal, you are reading the wrong document.

There are far more efficient ways of doing this, many which are available and feasible RIGHT NOW.

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If even one of these is missing, it is said the world would come to an end.