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As the concept of a "drive in" shopping center was being created and popularized, the ranch style was a perfect style to fit into the large tracts of ranch homes being built.Commercial ranch buildings, such as supermarkets and strip malls, typically follow the residential style with simple rustic trim, stucco or board and batten siding, exposed brick and shake roofs, and large windows.

Younger house buyers find that ranch houses are affordable entry level homes in many markets, and the single story living of the house attracts older buyers looking for a house they can navigate easily as they age.Buildings often had interior courtyards which were surrounded by a U shaped floor plan. The seemingly endless ability of the style to accommodate the individual needs of the owner/occupant, combined with the very modern inclusion of the latest in building developments and simplicity of the design, satisfied the needs of the time.Ranch houses were built throughout America and were often given regional facelifts to suit regional tastes.However, it does not become a raised ranch simply by having two floors.For a house to be classified as a raised ranch, there must be a flight of steps to get to the main living floor—if not, it is just a bi-level house.

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Ranch style houses are occasionally still built today, but mainly in the Western states and, usually, as individual custom.

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