Rex and gigi dating in real life

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When Adriana and Duke are about to have sex for the first time, she calls Duke by Rex's name. The two slowly make inroads and, tentatively, begin seeing each other again.

Adriana's attraction to Rex remains a palpable presence in their relationship.

Upon tracking her down, River brings her back to Llanview in January 2004.

Upon Adriana's re-arrival in Llanview, Dorian Cramer Lord announces that she is her biological mother and that Adriana is to inherit million from Dorian's Aunt Betsy.

In summer 2004, Manuel Santi's volatile son Tico Santi comes to Llanview, forging a sibling relationship with Adriana.

In the meantime, it is revealed that Antonio Vega is Santi's biological son and half-brother to Adriana.

The storyline was switched midway through when OLTL's producers recognized a resemblance between Robin Strasser and Melissa Fumero.

While sitting as the Ambassador to Mendorra in the mid-1980s, Dorian is introduced to mobster Manuel Santi, brother of her longtime maid, Carlotta Vega.

While there, the two are chased by Argentine thugs after overhearing a conversation between Asa and Carlo Hesser about eliminating one of the Cramer women and assuming that they were speaking of Adriana.

The two briefly marry, but, six weeks later, a now pregnant Dorian has the marriage annulled.

Upon giving birth to Adriana, fearing for the child’s safety in light of Santi's reputation and lifestyle, Dorian (with Carlotta's help) places her in the custody of the Colon family in Puerto Rico.

Realizing her feelings for Rex are not going away, Adriana breaks off her relationship with Duke.

A misunderstanding leads her to believe that Rex was not interested in her.

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A heartbroken River leaves Llanview to study music at Juilliard.

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