Seatgate st3750330as updating firmware kent singles speed dating

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It seems that perhaps they cannot provide a feasible solution to this mess which shouldn't have happened in the first place if they had a proper QC process. the 1.5Tb drives both stutter and are at risk of bricking due to the journal issue. It took so long because it's an issue that's hard to track down - pretty much the journal or log space in the firmware is written to if certain events occur.

The Stuttering issue is fairly recent and mostly runs in the 1.5tb drives - but the journal issue is older and exists across many 7200.11 drives. IF the drive is powered down when there are 320 entries in this journal or log, then when it is powered back up, the drive errors out on init and won't boot properly - to the point that it won't even report it's information to the BIOS. Up until now, we all figured it was just some standard type of failure, as it was such a rare event, so we'd RMA the drives.

The Seagates' 1TB and 1.5TB 7200.11 drives that have shipped out since July had problems with the disk write cache that is leading to peoples' drives failing.

This has particularly affected Mac and Linux users.

Seagate has said the data remains intact on the drives so there is no data loss.

Seagate has released firmware upgrades that supposedly fix the problem.

As of 1/17/09, there are 2 firmware upgrades floating around: CC1H and CC1J.

One could easily presume that CC1J is later than CC1H but someone on a forum claimed that Seagate chat support stated that they are the same firmware.

So I would order from Newegg as they seem to get newer stock.They took a few days to 'test', though it was mostly just including some code in the batch file that kicks off the firmware updater, to check that it is a BRINKS drive, and the proper model number. Please understand, this firmware had to go through five different checks to make sure it applies to the specific conditions to qualify sending to a customer, before now.5 chances for us to go your drive needs the other (or none) firmware update. Best linked to in regards to the parameters for the forced firmware update no longer functioned, I figured I’d try it anyway and see how it worked out.There has been news of a high failure rate on certain Seagate/Maxtor drives.

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this is a log file that's written only occasionally, usually when there are bad sectors, missed writes, etc...