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But, after receiving the keys, he allegedly discovered that some marble fireplaces and light fittings had been taken away without his knowledge.Mr Syred began legal proceedings against Lady de la Rue, who insisted the fireplaces had been removed “some years before the sale” and that she was legally entitled to take the wall-mounted lights.Sorting it all out was insurmountable.“I lived in the castle for 34 years, raised my sons there and refurbished it, so of course selling has felt, in some ways, like death.”Ayton Castle is an important Scottish baronial mansion dating largely from the 19th century.The category A-listed building is not open to the public, although locals have limited access to one of the driveways and there is a gatehouse which is let out as a holiday cottage.

There was never any animosity.”Lady de la Rue, who once had an affair with Prince Michael of Kent, decided to sell the castle left to her by Mr Liddell-Grainger on his 2007 death after it became a financial burden.

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The gaps had been boarded up with plywood – it ruins the whole look of the rooms.“Lady de la Rue also took some of the wall-mounted lights from downstairs, which featured in the sale brochure.

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