Sharon stone and michael douglas dating analysis of web dating

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Sharon stone and michael douglas dating

You may remember going out into the fields and helping to bring in the harvest.

Cheryl’s father raised Thompson Seedless grapes in California’s Central Valley. She can give you a better account of this, but this is what I’ve learned.

The gifts of God have been freely given, so we give freely in response. Stewardship is the response of the transformed heart to the grace of God. In one parable in the Gospel of Luke, Jesus told a story about the man who built bigger barns to contain his harvest, but then before the night is out, he is dead. So, stewardship of our time, our skills and abilities, and our money, is recognition of God’s abundance.

What I’ve learned from Cheryl and my father-in-law, is that grape harvests are labor intensive.We start from the premise that we don’t have enough to go around, and so we hoard.But Jesus offers us a different way of looking at things.He tells the disciples that the harvest is plentiful.There is enough to go around, but laborers are needed to bring in the harvest, so that it can be distributed fairly and justly and graciously.

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It is good to remember that in the beginning God created humanity to serve as stewards of God’s creation, and as we participate in God’s mission, we continue to fulfill that calling.

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