Tantra on line dating

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Tantra on line dating

Thus, instead of advising householders to relinquish these and all attachments as a prerequisite for the complete liberation from samsara in this lifetime, the Buddha instructed householders on how to achieve "well-being and happiness" (hita-sukha) in this and future lives in a spiritually meaningful way.In Buddhism, a householder's spiritual path is often conceived of in terms of making merit (Pali: puñña).In the Pāli Canon, householders received diverse advice from the Buddha and his disciples.Core householder practices include undertaking the Five Precepts and taking refuge in the Three Jewels.On the other hand, inscriptions in the western Deccan, where Buddhism flourished in the early centuries CE, use the term gahapati to refer to urban merchants.

In traditional Indian society, a householder (Sanskrit gṛhastin) is typically a settled adult male with a family.

A practitioner utilizes the whole of the phenomenal world as one's path.

Marrying, raising children, working jobs, leisure, art, play etc.

are all means to realize the enlightened state or rigpa, non-dual awareness.

As such, we can see the prominence of householders in the Vajrayana tradition.

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The Buddha also gave advice on householders' financial matters.

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