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Posted by / 31-May-2018 12:20

I started running the following SQL Query on SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) to see how many computers are succeeded with software update scan and how many are not.There is table called v_Update Scan Status, that stores the information about last scan state,lastscanpackagelocation , WUAgent etc.I then looked at registry for windows update details HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Update ,found the entries with old CM07 WSUS server which was configured via GPO when CM07 running and after the migration to cm12,for some reason,these records were not updated by cm12 .I then ,went ahead and remove the entries under Windows Update folder (WUServer, WUStatus Server) ,started initiating the software update scan results but then ,nothing happened. Recently I come across article that solves the software update sync by deleting the file from C:\Windows\System32\Group Policy\Machine,even though, the article talks about different software update scan error.Case 2 : If the above solution did not work,try updating the registry entries manually for WUServer and WUStatus Server by taking correct values from working client and restart windows update, SMS agent host service. Check if there are any entries in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Update ,referencing old WSUS server,if so,remove them. Delete from C:\Windows\System32\Group Policy\Machine . Fix can be automated by creating script that does the removal of registry entries if found ,deletion of file ,restart SMS agent host and initiate the software update scan and deployment evaluation cycle.I would not say,the above solution will work on all scenarios with above error code but you need to check all the possible solutions to solve the problem. Ran below SQL Query to pick one computer with above error code(–2016409966 ): select sys.name0 from v_r_system sys,v_updatescanstatus uss where sys.resourceid=uss.resourceid and uss.

You can modify and confirm the setting as shown below. There is often a requirement to maintain and add URLs to the security zones of Internet Explorer.As we discussed in the last couple of posts, Internet Explorer Maintenance (IEM) has been deprecated with Internet Explorer 10.I’ve covered deploying registry settings via Group Policy Preferences in a previous post, so you may want to have a quick scan if you’re not familiar.Mentor Media, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elanders Group, designs and implements comprehensive supply chain services that are customized to meet each client’s requirements.

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