Updating windows ce

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Updating windows ce

2) Open system profiler or About This Mac and under hardware KB196 PR3 - Software Setup for Microsoft Windows XP When the PR3 is powered up and properly operating, the green ‘USB’ light on the PR3’s control panel will be blinking steadily and the red ‘STAT’ will be blinking momentarily.

Make sure the supplied Sound Loader Installation CD is inserted in your PC's CD player.

KB194 PR3 - Switch Functions The Mode Switch: The Mode Switch next to the Green LED is used to toggle back and forth between MS-100 mode and PR2 Programmer Mode.

Depending on which operating system you have on your PC, you will next see a dialog box appear on your PC’s monitor.

The PR3 does write to and read from the sound patterns of any Sound FX sound decoder.

In addition the PR3 can write to and read from any CV of most current non sound mobile and function decoders found in today's market place.

The Loconet Termination Switch: The switch next to the error LED is used only in MS-100 mode to activate the Loconet current source termination feature.

This switch is active ONLY when a command station is NOT connected to the Loconet and the red LED is solid on indicating there is no ...

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The PR3 lets Sound FX users download new Project sound files and even reflash the sound decoder's firmware for latest updates.

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