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Bill and Doreen’s attorney and I determined that we could win the case based on the mortgage issue but we could very well lose at the appellate level because of the blank endorsement on the note or if Shapiro, Fishman & Gache decided to refile the case based on the note issue alone.Realizing that their client would be in for a costly legal fight over the property which had already cost their clients close to 0,000 legal fees and possibility that their legal bill would double if this case went to the Florida Supreme Court, Shapiro, Fishman & Gache offered the Bill and Doreen a settlement at the eleventh hour.This would also close out the FDIC responsibilities as the Receiver for Washington Mutual. There also was no mortgage assignment from JPMorgan Chase to the Trust recorded with Palm Beach County.When Shapiro, Fishman & Gache filed a Lis Pendens and a foreclosure complaint in November of 2012, naming U. Shapiro, Fishman & Gache filed a mortgage assignment to the Trust four months after filing the foreclosure complaint.MFI-Miami was able to prove the Trust was not the proper mortgagee.The mortgage assignment to the Trust after the liquidation of Washington Mutual showed the FDIC lacked legal standing to assign the loan to the Trust.Under this unprecedented move, two investors cheated in the Enron scandal would not have damages “of the same extent” if they had different amounts of stock.

The United States Bankruptcy Court in Delaware entered an order finalizing plans to transfer all of all remaining Washington Mutual assets to WMI Liquidating Trust effective 3/19/2012. as Trustee Successor for Bank of America as Trustee Successor by merger to La Salle Bank, N. There was no mortgage assignment from the FDIC to JPMorgan Chase.

Then last month, SLS produced a note with endorsement stamp from Cynthia Riley, a former Washington Mutual executive.

Because the endorsement was done in blank, anyone who had possession could foreclose.

Ein Beispiel:[...] "From there, the bill gets even more bizarre.

It would also stipulate that a class action can only be brought if each and every victim of illegal behavior suffered precisely the same “alleged impact” to their “property,” “of the same type and extent” as every other victim.

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Eine Garantie jedoch gibt der Trust nicht, dass sie in der Lage sein werden Gelder aufzutreiben. Aber du klammerst dich an irgendwelchen Farben fest.