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.” Many of you pointed out that Radar and Daily Mail were running denials from Shauna.

Radar had quotes from her that it was “not accurate” that they had split and The Daily Mail had more, including quotes from Shauna like ““Ben and Shauna are definitely not together.

“She has had no choice but to be patient since Ben needed to finish his rehab treatment.

They were really only sort of seeing each other for about four weeks. It was more about realizing [a casual relationship] wasn’t the right thing for him,” our source said."Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus Split Over Distance, Says Source: 'They Tried to Make It Work.'" People. “Jennifer is relieved her divorce is finalized and is really looking forward to closing that chapter of her life,” a source close to the Hollywood staple told Fox News on Wednesday.Unfortunately, or lose custody of their kids, and only went to rehab to reconnect with the model. The ridiculous article also said the actor was going to pay Sexton 0,000 a month to be his caretaker when he checked out of treatment.

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Meanwhile Jennifer Garner is still here, did you forget her? We heard this someone that she had a special someone and that she was seeing a lawyer, but a source tells People that she’s just dating casually.

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