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Www amputee devotee dating com

Well over half of DPWs have felt this pathological attraction since childhood, as typical in paraphilias.

The Amelotatist (see References) found that 75 percent of its sample of 195 were aware of the attraction by age fifteen.

Psychology views sadism and masochism as interchangeable, with voyeurism and exhibitionism as their respective aspects.

Devotees’ observation-based behavior and preference for display-minded partners seem to support explanations 2 to 4.

Such relationships are also reported to be ordinary despite the (mostly undisclosed) attraction to disability on the part of one partner.

About a quarter report discovering the paraphilia in puberty and a few in maturity.

Fetishists raise objections to the characterization of their preference as an aberrant pathology.

However, objections have also been raised by members of the disabled community on the grounds that such fetishes objectify and dehumanize them.

The aforesaid has given grounds for the attraction to disability to be represented as the continuum Bruno (1997) termed factitious disability disorder.

At its less-intense devotee end, there is sexualised fascination with the existential aspects of disability and its appearance.

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Sexually, some DPWs have been reported to engage in active tactile observation as much as in intercourse.