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PHP Script: Problems:-I kept getting Access Denied Errors Observation(s):-I noticed that when I put that same psexec command in a batch file and started that batch file with the system account, I would get the same error-This lead me to the cause Cause:-Apache was running as the system account, and so any process invoked by php was started as the system account-Starting a batch file that accesses a remote computer using the local system account is a NO NO (at least for my setup)Solution:-Configure the Apache service to start as an account other than system (It must have appropriate permissions on the local computer)Start-- /dev/null & echo $!

" to the command line, the browser will hang until the script is done. runscript.sh) which contains the execution line for the script you are trying to run in the background.

Same solution can apply to system and passthru as well. First of all: put the full path to the php binary, because this command will run under the apache user, and you will probably not have command alias like php set in that user.

I tried to execute a command in background under Windows. Seccond: Note 2 things at the end of the command string: the '2&1' is for redirecting errors to the standard IO.

If you want to start a php process that continues to run independently from apache (with a different parent pid) use nohub.Whatever the reason, the rival is competing for the same thing as the other character.Objectives for competition may be the fair maiden's hand, simple revenge, a pot of gold, the title of "World's Best Whatever", or the extra-special Mac Guffin of the week.Nota: Si ejecutamos un programa con esta función y queremos dejarlo ejecutándose en segundo plano, hay que asegurarse que la salida del mismo es redireccionada a un fichero u otro flujo de salida o PHP se quedará esperando hasta que la ejecución del programa termine.&1 & echo $! This small class is made so you can keep in track of your created processes ( meaning start/stop/status ). This method unlike the other solutions allows you to start any program minimized, maximized, or with no window at all.You may use it to start a process or join an exisiting PID process./* An easy way to keep in track of external processes. [email protected]'s solution does work but it sometimes produces an unwanted window on the desktop when you really want the task to run hidden.

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Apparently, the change was made in PHP/5.3.0 yet not backported to 5.2.x because it's a backwards incompatible change.

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