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On the last part of their journey, because of German air activity, they sheltered in a cemetery during the day and under the cover of darkness they recommenced their journey for about seven miles 7 miles of which the last mile was by foot.

Here around 152 nurses from Australian, Britian and New Zealand, boarded the HMAS Voyager and sailed to Crete.

This was the first time on which the NZANS had served on a full-time basis in peacetime.

1946-1947 Matron-in-Chief Ida Willis OBE ARRC ED, retired on 22 February 1946 with Eva Mackay OBE RRC ED (right) being appointed as her replacement on 23 Februay 1946 and 1 April 1947 being designated Director of Nursing Services responsible for the recruitment and administration of all NZANS for the three Services.

1945 WW2 ceased in September 1945 but nurses of the NZANS continued to serve in Japan until August 1948.

At the end of the war a small number of nurses were retained to serve in the Army Camp Hospitals, Air Force Bases and Air Force Station Hospitals and Devonport Naval Base.

1NZGH Greece 1941 On 8 March 1941, 1NZGH less the nurses was the first medical unit to go to Greece with Matron E Mackay and her sisters of the NZANS at total of 52, arrived with the Maori Battalion about the 27 March.By doing this the Sisters now, received the same recognition as their male counterparts.In 1942 provision was made for them to become fully commissioned officers of the NZ Army for the duration of the war. 62/1943 gave formal notification that of women coming under Military Law.On 1 April 1947 the Medical Division of the NZWAAC was integrated into the NZANS as Other Ranks and remained part of the Service until 1977 when it was transferred to the Royal New Zealand Army Medical Corps.1949 On 28 June 1949 a full-time Tutor Sister (seconded from the NZANS) was appointed to the Medical Training School at RNZAF Ohakea.

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1NZGH was later setup at Helwan taking over from 2NZGH, remaining there until April 1944 before being moved to Molfetta.