You look so intimidating

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You look so intimidating

These might beasts are commonly known to watch over and protect their people.They were placed in front of important (and still are to this day) in order to not allow evil spirits to enter.They want it to be seen because it’s origin comes from being protected and watched over therefore they want people to be able to see it.In ancient religion, it was thought to ward off evil spirits. It looks like a wild beast that is about to go nuts!It appears that all their “powers” are being put into the crown below them.This took a lot of time and the attention to detail is exceptional.Maybe there’s been a time in your life when you felt unsafe but now with your new tattoo, you’ll feel safe and untouchable.

There are typically two foo dogs, one on each post.It is for this very reason that many people decide to get them inked onto their skin.A foo dog is actually a lion, and they may look scary and menacing – which is why guys are more likely to have them tattooed than girls.For instance, this foo dog is standing on his front legs with his hind legs extending upward as if he’s warding off something evil.4) This artwork has a lot of detail happening in the face and is in contrast to the rest of the work done on the arm.The purple hues really cause it to pop when you first see it.

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Foo dogs represent prosperity and success and are known to be thought of as courageous and fearless.