Youth group curriculum dating

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Youth group curriculum dating

SUMMARY: The videos are 5-star quality, but the lesson guides do not yet have quite the same value.However, in the near future Youth Bytes will be updating their lessons to include many of my ideas, activities, and discussion questions. If you’re looking for a tool to help train your kids in normal, every day, social evangelism, Dare 2 Share’s Go Wide Kit is definitely the way to go.In fact, it was even an influential piece in shifting my own approach to youth ministry.Set in mountains of Colorado, Greg Stier of Dare 2 Share Ministries takes a group of teens and young adults of various backgrounds (wiccan, atheist, agnostic, and others) on a journey through the Gospel.Disclaimer: Every ministry has different values and works with kids who are coming from different backgrounds in different contexts at different levels of spiritual maturity.The following reviews are only based on my own values and experiences.

He teaches them to first Pray for them, Pursue a relationship, and gently Persuade them into a relationship with Christ by taking opportunities to steer conversations toward spiritual matters.SUMMARY: is an excellent sermon DVD series that talks about dating, relationships, sex, how to find “the one,” and how to make marriages go the distance. It focuses on only a single point, and has a very fast-pasted, professional, MTV-style production.The format of the videos is to set the youth leader up to have a meaningful discussion with kids about the topic at hand.If he had the choice, he’d remove references to an e-team idea, but what’s published is published.Check out my earlier post about the Go Wide Kit for a more detailed review. The word “confirmation” carries a lot of different meetings for different people in different denominations, but if you’re willing to strip away all that baggage, my denomination’s discipleship (confirmation) material really is quite excellent.

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The discussion questions also do not probe as deep as I like to go with my students, so I always re-write those, too.